Deconstructing Intoxtication Culture: Supporting Non-Normative Substance Users at the Allied Media Conference in Detroit


Conference: Allied Media Conference (AMC)

Workshop title: Deconstructing Intoxtication Culture – Supporting Non-Normative Substance Users

Presenters: from the margins AKA Clementine Morrigan and geoff

When: Friday, June 17, 2016 from 4 to 530 PM

Where: Wayne State University, State Hall: Room 123, 42 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI

Workshop description: Most community spaces cater to social drinkers and people who can drink in a fun, moderate, and controlled way. Sober people, addicts, drug users, and a number of others, fall outside of this definition, and are often explicitly or subtly unwelcome in drinking-centric spaces. In this workshop we will create spaces and events for those of us who fall outside of the label ‘social drinker’, while recognizing that we have different access needs.

Additional info: This workshop will be interactive and encourage participation from attendees. The presenters will have the zine series “make all good things fall apart” available to purchase and also information about the submission call out for the upcoming zine “Sober Queers Do Exist”.

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