Sober Queers Do Exist – Zine Callout

Sober Queers Do Exist: Sober Queer and Trans People On How They Got Sober and Stay Sober

Facebook Event Page: Sober Queers Do Exist – Zine Callout

This zine will centre the voices of people that have experiences with addiction, alcoholism, and/or self-defined substance misuse, but will also accept submissions from people who identify as straight edge, or who are sober for political, health, religious or personal reasons. This zine will accept submissions from people with long term sobriety, people who are new to sobriety, and people trying to get sober.

This zine will not moralize sobriety, shame substance use, or contribute to a hierarchy of drug use. We value and respect the substance users in our communities. We recognize that relationships to substance use are diverse and complex and we do not believe there is a right way or wrong way to relate to substance use.

This zine will create a space for queer and trans sober people to share their stories. Sharing our experiences about getting and staying sober is a way to build community, and let others getting sober know they are not alone.

We are seeking submissions in a variety of formats, including personal reflections, stories, poetry, short essays, and prose. Submissions should be no more than 550 words, including title, short bio, and website or contact info if applicable. Please send submissions to < > by July 15 2016. This zine will be edited and compiled by @clementinemorrigan and geoff AKA @livingnotexistingblog. Please feel free to get in touch with the editors at the above email if you have any questions. Each contributor will receive a free copy of the zine.

Feel free to write about anything related to your experience of sobriety. If you need a place to start writing, here are some prompts to consider:

What has been the hardest thing about maintaining your sobriety, and how do you cope with this?

How did you get sober?

What do you love about sobriety?

What’s it like getting or being sober as a queer and/or trans person?

Share a memorable story about your experience of sobriety.

Why did you decide to get sober?

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