geoff is a mixed race gender queer of filipinx descent as a settler living on colonized land known as toronto, turtle island, traditionally land of the haudenosaunee, mississaugas of the new credit, huron-wendat and other indigenous peoples. they are an activist, grassroots community organizer and writer. they identify as a sober addict in recovery. geoff is a graduate of the social service worker program at george brown college. recently, they completed their undergraduate degree at the university of toronto, majoring in equity and sexual diversity studies. they wish to politicize their experiences with substance use and sobriety while unravelling the limited representation of the addicted body.

geoff is a project coordinator for the pieces to pathways project. this project involves conducting a needs assessment of substance use among LGBTTQQ2SIA youth aged 16-29 residing or accessing services in toronto. this initiative is peer-led and driven by community support. the primary goal for the project is create a substance use support program that is culturally appropriate for queers and trans people 16-29 in toronto. for more information about the project, please visit < http://www.piecestopathways.com >.

livingnotexisting.org is a space for them to share their personal and academic writings along with projects that they are involved with.  this website is intended to build connections across communities locally and internationally.  please feel free to pass on these writings and information to people you may feel connect with these thoughts, feeling, experiences and events.  if you have something to pass on that you think may inspire or interest geoff, please contact them via the contact tab.  for them, it’s not about keeping knowledge sacred.  it’s about sharing experiences and thoughts to facilitate discussions about social change.  from the margins with love.


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  1. critical addiction studies- sounds interesting. can’t wait to read more about it.

  2. Xarles Buddy says:

    hello, i just received your zine make all good things fall apart. It was powerful. As someone who has had a long line of drug addiction/alcoholism in his family and who has chosen sobriety as a life choice and act of resistance to the intoxification culture, I appreciate your writing and work. Thank you.

  3. Jawn Disease says:

    Hey I want to say I really appreciate this site and I think you’re doing something really great here. Myself and some other sober anarchists/punks/queers here in Montreal have a weekly recovery meeting called RadSob (Radical Sobriety) and your essay on addicts as disposable is our next topic for discussion, so thank you very much! “cheers”

    • thank you for sharing this, it’s amazing. if y’all ever make it out to toronto, or if i happen to come to montreal, i would love to connect with you all. keep well ❤

    • kat says:

      Swerving sidenote: I live in Montreal and have been looking for some kind of queer non-overly Christian recovery meetings in the area- any chance I can join?

      • jayletat says:

        Yeah dude absolutely. Send me an email at jawndisease @ gmail . com and I’ll hook you up with meeting details. Sorry this is like literally a year late

  4. Jen DiCresce says:

    Hey Geoff, you are putting out some heavy ideas. I’d like to invite you to visit my website, for a film I made about Dr Peter Ferentzy, a harm reduction advocate and researcher at CAMH. Also, a crack addict: http://www.drcrackhead.com
    Best to you,
    Jen DiCresce

    • Hello Jen,

      Thank you for your comment. I have met Peter before but this was all before actually doing any of the academic work I am doing now. I would love to chat with either of you sometime.


  5. Hey there Geoff! Much love and solidarity to ya from another mixed race, gender queer comrade! I just found this site and am just deeply inspired to see radical sobriety and so much support for you! I already left a comment on the other page but for those interested in more information on radical sobriety, zines and a sober collective that is open to those looking for anarchist sober support, hit us up xtheferalspacex@riseup.net

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